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Sons of Vendoria

by anthony schweigert

in Other

Luc awakens on his 16th birthday to begin a journey planned by the Elders. Enter into Vendoria's world of fascinating creatures, rich in fantasy and imagination. Find out what awaits Luc at Fates End. It's a fight not just for his survival, but the survival of all Vendoria.

Price: $3.99


The Art of Fly Fishing

by terry ramsey

in Fishing

Need a comprehensive guide to fly fishing? This ebook covers all the techniques and equipment you will ever need. Learn about fishing for bass and trout, plus fly rods, artificial flies, casting, knots, gear, tackle and much more. Having the best information will make your fly fishing experience even better.

Price: $7.99


Ignite Your Sex Power Now

by peter nicado

in Health

Men, learn how to enhance your sexual performance and stamina in this ebook. This is an effective, natural, and proven way to help you boost your libido and testosterone levels safely. Start taking steps now to a better sex life. Be happy and please your partner too.

Price: $22.97


Change Your Future, Now!

by germain decelles

in Self-Help

This personal development ebook has 21 chapters and all the information you'll need to turn your life around. Learn how to plan ahead, negotiate, reduce stress, and have fun again. Inspire others and open your mind to accept new challenges. You'll have a better life in the process.

Price: $8.00


Become a Power Seller Writing Ebooks

by victoria sheffield

in Career and Work

Do you like to write? Become a Power Seller by reading this ebook. Everything you need to know is right here. Earn the money you've always wanted doing something you will truly enjoy. Learn how to write professionally and create ebooks that sell!

Price: $0.99


Jamaican Cookbook

by laurice de gale

in Food and Drinks

This ebook showcases 150 colorful and exciting traditional Jamaican recipes. The focus is on simple, nutritious, economical, and uniquely flavorful dishes and beverages. Get that Caribbean zing and impress your friends!  

Price: $9.99


More than my Body

by natima nicole

in Other

This must-read memoir digs deep through some extremely difficult times when hope was all the author had. The first book of this series starts with childhood attacks and how she learned to be happy in spite of her circumstances. You can be on a path to freedom and inner joy just like the author. Learn how.

Price: $6.39


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