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We are pleased to present you with our popular and successful program for writers, which is both affordable and unique.  Marketing your own work is a daunting and often a full-time job, and not everyone is familiar with the ever-changing world of publishing.  Understanding the ins and outs of this crucial stage of the industry is essential in order for your work to be published.  There are many components involved, from narrowing down where your work belongs, to knowing the proper contacts and how your submission should be made.

We have editors and published writers on staff with over 20 years experience. Their expertise and contacts in the publishing field will guide your project and alleviate some of the stress of marketing yourself so you can continue writing and creating.

Let us do the heavy work of marketing for you!
This program consists of 4 steps and along the way you will be able to speak directly with our editors.

About Our Editorss

Read Thru Critique Tutorial We submit it on your behalf!
  • Thorough line edit/copy edit for spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Eliminate errors and polish text
  • Create clean and concise text
Determine the direction of the manuscript in terms of:

  • Style
  • Substance
  • Form and genre
  • Tone
  • Pacing
Review of manuscript with experienced editor who will guide with respect to the writer's voice.

  • Written critique provided
  • In-depth review of critique via email and or phone
  • Strategy to prepare manuscript for publishers, agents, literary magazines, commercial magazines among other markets
  • Assess audience and market
  • Synopsis
  • Outline/chapter by chapter summary
  • We prepare a list of all agents and publishers specifically for your project
  • We write custom query letters to agents, publishers, literary magazines, commercial magazines and other appropriate markets
  • Guidance for promotion online--blogging, social media, on-line book reviews and websites

*Up to 300 pages with approximately 300 words per page.
More than 300 pages? Contact customer service .

Marketing Testimonials

Author: R.J.Jerome
Book Title: Valstain

" Expert Subjects is a life saver. I sent them my manuscript back in March 2012 and received amazing feedback on my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to their feedback and expertise, I now have a publisher interested in my book. And guess who I am turning to once again for help with the formatting process? You guessed it...Expert Subjects. "


Author: Mark T. Bacome
Book Title: Descendants

"I must have rewrote and tried to proof my first novel hundreds of times by myself. With Expert Subjects, my assigned editor was the perfect second set of eyes to not only help me correct grammar issues I didn't realize I had, but with the comprehensive critique, I have been able to identify and correct areas of weakness, and expand on my strengths. It has been a great learning experience that I will be able to apply into the writing of the next books of my series. She has taken the time to not only edit and proof, but understand exactly what my overall project is, and what my goals are. After editing and proofing, I moved on to self-publishing, and with the Marketing package through Expert Subjects, my editor and I have been working closely on the complete package, now including my seco"

Mark T. Bacome