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Price: $180

When you purchase this service we will format and convert your manuscript, or previously published book, to e-book files for Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and Apple's iPad. We will deliver your e-books as Mobi files (for Amazon) and ePub files (for B&N and Apple). This program does not include distribution; therefore, we simply convert and format your manuscript, according to each e-reader, so you can carry out your own distribution.

When you submit your manuscript to us for conversion and formatting, please make sure you include the copyright year on your manuscript.

E-book format

Other information you need to know prior to distributing your own work:

  • Manuscripts must already be edited and proofread, because some e-book sellers have restrictions on books that have multiple grammatical or spelling errors, so it is essential that your book is professionally edited prior to being converted. If your book needs to be edited or proofread, our editors at Expert Subjects are available.

  • You will need to have a jpeg file of your front book cover (must be at least 800 pixels tall). If you need a book cover, our designers can provide one for you.

Turn-around time for e-book formatting takes anywhere between three to seven business days, depending on the volume of orders. Once formatted, our e-book specialist will email your files to you. The listed price includes formatting manuscripts up to 140,000 words.

* If your manuscript has more than 10 images, tables, charts, bullets, or hyperlinks, contact us for an estimate at customerservice@expertsubjects.com

E-Book Formatting and Conversion Purchase