About Us

Welcome to ExpertSubjects.com - a Florida-based company established in 2010, and committed to providing education and excellent publishing services. Our staff is composed of the industry's finest professionals, with many years of experience and skill, who will ensure your project's success.

Serving you is our priority. We are committed to delivering affordable services to bring you one step closer to achieving your goal. We strive to provide excellence and grow our ExpertSubjects' community.

To our Authors' and Writers' Community:

In addition to our excellent services, we are committed to providing educational material for expanding your knowledge and improving your writing. We have devoted a Weekly Podcast and Article, by our Lead Editor, to discuss your writing challenges and provide insight. Please visit our Weekly Article page and register to subscribe.

In addition we will soon be launching a new Workshop Program to bring your writing to the next level with live classes from the comfort of your own home. Keep watching for the Workshop Link under the Learning Center to register for your appropriate class--either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


Our services include Book Editing, Book Marketing, Book Distribution, Book Formatting and Conversion, Book Cover Designs, Press Releases and more. All of our services are offered at a discounted rate, and we are continually offering additional services as we grow. If you have questions about any of our services, please email us at: Customerservice@ExpertSubjects.com or request a one-on-one telephone consultation.

To Our Educators:

We have designed our website to help you create or upload your teaching material and market it to the general public. Upon the completion of your project, simply inform customer service and your Press release and marketing campaign will begin to recruit your targeted audience. For additional information please contact us at Customerservice@ExpertSubjects.com where one of our representatives will answer your questions.

How to Contact Us?

You can reach us via email at Customerservice@expertsubjects.com.