Program for Manuscript Critique an Consulting

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Manuscript Critique plus 1 Hour of Consulting by Phone $150

In this program, one of our experts will read up to 30 double-spaced pages of your manuscript, write up a detailed critique, and then give you additional feedback in a one-hour phone consultation. We critique novels, non-fiction, book outlines, synopsis, short stories, and screenplays. Our feedback is customized to fit the type of manuscript you have written.

After your written critique is completed, you can schedule your one-hour phone session with the editor who read your manuscript. You can ask questions, discuss your critique in greater detail, or have a creative brainstorming session on ways to improve your book or publish your work.

Critique and Consulting Testimonials

Author: julie Klein
Book Title: my healthcare is killing me!

"William held my hand through this entire process. He put together such a top notch group of professionals that handled every detail of my book. I never felt pressured, and I always trusted his judgment every step of the way. He understood how important this book was to me and helped me create something I am very proud of. Thank you Expert Subjects!!"

julie Klein

Author: Magie Stuart
Book Title: Principles for Principals: Programs that Help Kids

"When I had received the run-around from another company, I was alerted to William and by him to Catherine. They took me through the eBook process--hand held! When one of my tables would not work, they kicked into gear and worked with their programmers to get the book done! All through the process, they kept me informed. That alone, besides the final product, was worth it's weight in gold!"

Magie Stuart